Getting The Big Picture

by Aug 10, 2009


I read the headline this morning: 600 Buried By Mudslide as Typhoon Pummels Taiwan, but the emotional impact of the tragedy (which has killed people across east Asia) didn’t hit me until I saw the images on The Big Picture. This blog takes the most gripping photos from the day’s news (like Typhoon Morakot) and blows them up so you feel like you’re there experiencing the event yourself.

Watching the news on TV or reading headlines on the Internet can make really significant events seem trivial. Ten seconds after you’re hearing about the instantaneous death of 600 people in a mudslide, you’re hearing the latest trashy gossip from American Idol. You never get time to reflect on what you hear and allow the gravity of the event to sink in.

The Big Picture helps me to fully digest what’s happening around the world and consider how God might be involved in it.