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Psalm 143: Praying for Guidance

What is the writer longing for (v. 1, 7)? What does he fear might happen (v. 2,7)?

Why does the writer need God’s help (v. 3-6)?

What specifically does he ask God for (v. 8-12)?

In what area of life do you need to know God’s will? Are there ways you might have received God’s will and ignored it?

Prayer Focus: Ask God for specific guidance and the discipline to follow it

Family Devotional: Read verse 10.  What is God’s will? How can he teach it to you? If you do God’s will, how will that make your life like level ground?

Psalm 145: Praying with Reliance

What descriptive words and phrases are used to describe God?

What phrases suggest God is reliable?

How does God help those in need (v. 14-20)?

How much do you trust God’s reliability? Why is it a challenge sometimes?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for his total faithfulness

Family Devotional: Read v. 18-20. What does it mean to call on God? To fear God? To love God? How do these actions affect God’s approach to us?

Psalm 146: Praying with Hope

How does this psalm compare hope in God with hope in people?

The psalmist mentions eight kinds of circumstances that might seem hopeless. What are they?

How does God respond to people in each of these situations?

Which of these eight images do you most strongly relate to? How have you seen God respond in hopeless situations?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for being the only true source of hope

Family Devotional: Read verses 3-6. In what ways do we put our trust in people? Why is it better to put our trust in God?

Psalm 148: Praying with Praise

What two major groups are singing God’s praise (v. 1-6, 7-12)?

Is this merely symbolic, or is there some way in which these things actually praise God?

Why praise God at all (v. 5-6, 13-14)?

Do you look forward to heaven, where this psalm will find its fulfillment, or does that thought sound boring? What does this reveal about your own level of delight in God?

Prayer Focus: For the unsaved people you know to join you in praising God

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-6. As you look at the world around you, how does it show God’s glory? How does it show his strength?

Psalm 150: Praying our Worship

Where are we to praise the Lord (v. 1)? What do those images mean?

Why are we to praise the Lord (v. 2)?

How are we to praise the Lord (v. 3-5)? How do these methods translate to modern life?

Why do you praise God? Is it just for his power and greatness specifically in blessing you?

Prayer Focus: Praise God!

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-6. Why should your family praise God? How can your family praise God in your own unique way?  Praise him together!