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(Monday) Psalm 126: Praying with Joy

This is a song of celebration by the Jewish exiles returning from Babylon to Jerusalem. What imagery is used in verses 1-2 to describe their joy?

How do verses 4-6 reflect a cause-effect relationship?

How are sadness and joy intertwined (v. 5-6)?

What are some “great things” the Lord has done for you? Do you praise him for those things?

Prayer Focus: Take time to praise the Lord for what he’s done in your life.

Family Devotional: Read verses 3-4. The people are praising God for what he’s done, and asking him to do more. What are some great things God has done in your family? What are things you still want him to do?

(Tuesday) Psalm 130: Praying with Hope

The psalm begins with a cry from “out of the depths” (v. 1). What images does this bring to mind?

What is the relationship between waiting and hope (v. 5)?

What reasons does the psalmist give for hoping in the Lord (v. 7-8)?

How does the Lord bring you hope in your own life?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for being the ultimate source of hope

Family Devotional: Read verses 5-7.  What does “redemption” mean? How does God’s redemption show his love and bring us hope?

(Wednesday) Psalm 137: Praying our Hate

Contrast the beauty of verses 1-6 with the ugliness of verses 7-9.

Is the writer’s rhetorical question in verse 4 valid?

The writer is expressing self-pity (v. 1-6) and anger (v. 7-9).  How does praying our sinful emotions start to heal them? What is still required that the psalmist doesn’t include?

Contrast this approach to enemies to the approach of Jesus (Matt. 5:44). How well do you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you?

Prayer Focus: Confess any hatred or bitterness to the Lord, repent, and ask for forgiveness.

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-4.  Have people made fun of you before? How did you respond? How does Jesus want us to respond (Matt. 5:44)?

(Thursday) Psalm 139: Praying our Creation

According to the psalmist, what specific things does the Lord know about us (v. 1-6)?

God’s knowledge of us is wonderful (v. 6), so why do we want to flee from his presence (v. 7-12)?

What words are used to describe God’s artistry in making us (v. 13-16)?

How do you try to hide your true self from God?

Prayer Focus: Put verses 23-24 in your own words and pray them to God

Family Devotional: Read verses 14-16. How does it make you feel to know that God personally designed you, and decided what every part of you would look like and act like?

(Friday) Psalm 142: Praying through Desperation

David wrote this psalm in a cave, hiding from King Saul. What phrases and images does he use to describe the situation he’s in (v. 3, 6, 7)?

What contrast do you see between David’s experiences with people and his experiences with God?

How does his view of personal power compare with his view of God’s power?

In times of desperation, how would it help you to have a healthy perspective on your power and God’s power?

Prayer Focus: Cry out to God with any desperation you feel in life

Family Devotional: Read verses 5-6. What does it mean that God is a “refuge?”  Have you ever felt overpowered by a situation in life? How could God’s power overcome it?