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(Monday) Psalm 84: Praying with Yearning

What is the psalmist longing and yearning for (v. 2-3, 10?)

The “Valley of Baca” was a dry stretch of desert that brought tears of pain to pilgrims who had to travel through it on their way to Jerusalem. How is it used as a spiritual metaphor (v. 5-7)?

What are the benefits of trusting God as this psalmist does (v. 11-12)?

How much do you long for God? What other things in life might be dulling your desire for him?

Prayer Focus: Express your longing for God to him

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-2. What do you appreciate most about God? When are the times when you long and yearn for him?

(Tuesday) Psalm 86: Praying with Dependence

List the many requests the psalmist makes of God.

What are some specific statements made about God in this psalm?

How does the psalmist show his dependence on God?

What level of dependence do you have on God? On your own abilities and wisdom?

Prayer Focus: Express your true need for God in everything

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-5. How does God bring you joy? How do you experience his love? Why is his forgiveness and grace so amazing?

(Wednesday) Psalm 88: Praying with Despair

What evidence of despair is there in this psalm? The last verse ends with unresolved questions, which is unusual for a psalm. Why is this acceptable?

The writer blames God for his situation. What does he say (v. 6-9, 15-18)?

The psalmist continues to talk to God, even in spite of his feelings of betrayal. What does this say about his relationship with God?

What kinds of things do you blame God for in your heart? Do you express your sinful mistrust openly to him, like the psalmist does here?

Prayer Focus: Confess your disappointments or even despair to God

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-5. What kind of disappointments do you have with God right now? How can you confess these things to him openly?

(Thursday) Psalm 90: Praying our Death

In verses 1-4, how does the writer put death in the context of God’s sovereign plan?

What effects does God’s anger have on our lives (v. 7-11)?

Study the verbs in verses 14-17. Which are the most important?

Plato believed that philosophy was nothing more than a study of death. In the Middle Ages, priests concentrated on preparing you for a good death. How does you contemplation of death affect the way you live your life now?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to make you more aware of death so you can be more fruitful in life

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-6. Our lives might seem long, but they are actually very short. How should this truth affect the way you live your life?

(Friday) Psalm 94: Praying our Anger

The psalmist refers to God as the judge who avenges (v. 1-2). What does this mean?

Verse 16 expresses the writer’s main concern. What is it?

In verses 17, the psalmist describes the source of his anger. What fears and dangers led to it?

When you’re feeling powerless, how would it help to know that God is the judge?

Prayer Focus: Confess your feelings of anger, either present or in the past, to God.

Family Devotional: Read verses 18-19. What kinds of things make you feel anxious and worried? What’s the best way God could support you and bring you joy?