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(Monday) Psalm 32: Praying for Forgiveness

How did David’s unconfessed sin affect him (v. 3-4)? Does it affect you the same way?

How does David respond to God’s forgiveness (v. 6-11)?

David experienced a sense of protection after receiving forgiveness (v. 7). How might unconfessed sin have made him feel vulnerable and exposed?

Are there sins in your life which you haven’t confessed to God?

Prayer Focus: Confess your sin, and experience God’s forgiveness

Family Devotional: Read verses 3-6. Why should we confess our sins to God? What kind of sins should we confess? How will God respond?

(Tuesday) Psalm 34: Praying for Deliverance

What does God do for those who seek his help (v. 1-10)?

What does it mean to “taste and see that the Lord is good?”

Describe a righteous person, according to verses 11-22.

We know that we fear the Lord when we are ready to give up anything for him (see Genesis 22). Do you fear the Lord?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to help you know his goodness with all your senses.

Family Devotional: Read verses 8-10. Fearing the Lord means being ready to give up anything for him. Do you fear the Lord? What does God promise to those who fear and seek him?

(Wednesday) Psalm 35: Praying for Protection

What reasons does David give for being so hurt and angry (v. 4,7,11,16,19-21)?

What do verses 11-16 reveal about David’s enemies?

What does David’s question, “How long, O Lord, will you look on?” reveal about David’s attitude toward God at this point?

David chooses to be merciful toward his enemies (v. 12-14), even though his good is repaid by evil. Are you able to choose mercy even toward people who hurt you?

Prayer Focus: Ask God for protection from and mercy toward those who hurt you

Family Devotional: Read verses 12-14. David chooses to be kind and loving toward people who hurt him. How can you act the same way toward people who hurt you?

(Thursday) Psalm 44: Praying about God’s Silence

How does the writer contrast God’s actions in the past (v. 1-8) with God’s actions in the present (9-16)?

The psalmist argues that he and his people are experience a situation that’s unfair (v. 17-22). What does he accuse God of (v. 23-24)?

In the final phrase of the psalm (v. 26), the writer appeals to God’s unfailing love. How does this truth shade the rest of the psalm?

How have you experienced God’s silence? How have you experienced his unfailing love?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to remind you of his love while you wait for his voice

Family Devotional: Read verses 23-26. Does God ever sleep? Why would it seem like he was asleep? What truth should we remember when it seems like that?

(Friday) Psalm 47: Praying for Devotion

What is the psalmist thankful for (v. 2-4)?

How is God described in each verse?

What actions of joy and gratitude do you see in these verses (v. 1, 5-7)?

The psalmist sings, claps, sacrifices, and invites others to share in praise. What ways can you outwardly show your joy in the Lord?

Prayer Focus: Ask God for the inner ability to praise him freely

Family Devotional: Read verses 1-2. What about God gives you joy? How can you express it (songs? artwork? telling other people?)