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(Monday) Psalm 51: True Confession
What is God asked to do about sin? Look for specific verbs.

What is the most pressing thing David asks for (v. 10)?

Forgiveness is an internal action with external consequences. What are they (v. 13-17)?

Seeing the greatness of our sin should also help us to see the greatness of God’s grace. Do you see both things in your life?

Prayer Focus: Spend significant time confessing your sins to God.

(Tuesday) Psalm 139: David’s Spiritual Secret
What specific things does the Lord know about us (v. 1-6)?

While God’s knowledge of us is wonderful, it also spurs us to flee (v. 7-12). Why?

What words are used to describe God’s activity in making us (v. 13-16)?

What parts of your life do you try to keep separate from your relationship with God?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for knowing you and still choosing to love you.

(Wednesday) 1 Kings 3: Raw Talent
What do Solomon’s actions in the early years of his reign (v. 1-4) say about his character?

What does Solomon’s prayer (v. 5-9) suggest about his attitude toward himself, his job and his God?

In verses 16-28 Solomon’s wisdom is put to the test. Does he show wise judgment or not?

How would you describe a discerning heart?

Prayer Focus: Pray for specific ways God can give you a discerning heart.

(Thursday) 1 Kings 11: Faithless in Love
In what ways did Solomon break the first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me?”

In verse 13 God says that the consequence of Solomon’s sin will be the removal of his kingdom. What mercy does God promise? Why?

If Jereboam chose to learn from the experience of David and Solomon, how would it affect his reign?

Solomon allowed his acquisition of wives to push aside his faith in God. Are there any relationships in your life that are similar in their effect on your faith?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God to point out areas of your life where you, like Solomon, do evil in the eyes of the Lord.

(Friday) Psalm 84: Home Sweet Home
What is the psalmist yearning for (v. 2-3, 10)?

What names and metaphors for God can you find in this psalm?

What are the benefits or blessings of trusting God as this psalmist does (v. 4-5, 11-12)?

How do you usually address God in prayer? Why?

Prayer Focus: Create your own metaphor for God’s greatness, and pray it to him.