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(Monday) Exodus 10-11: The Ten Plagues
Why does God deliberately harden Pharaoh’s heart (10:1-2)? Might he do the same thing today?

What is God’s promise and instruction to Moses (11:1-2)?

How do you account for the Egyptians’ change in attitude toward God’s people (11:3)?

Has there ever been a time when you’ve been led by God to confront someone who you know won’t listen? How did the experience affect your relationship with God?

Prayer Focus: Boldness to do things God has called you to do, even if it might fail

Family Devotional: Read Exodus 10:1-11.  Explain the story of the plagues.  Why did God send the locusts and other bad things to Pharaoh?  Did Pharaoh listen to God?  Do you ever try to get your own way over someone else?

(Tuesday) Exodus 14: Miracle at the Red Sea
What plan does God reveal to Moses (14:1-4)?

Compare each part of Moses’ commands (14:13-14) with the Israelites’ conditions and attitudes (14:10-12).

What did God’s plan for escape require of Moses and the people (14:15-18)?

Has there been a situation in your life when you felt trapped between two destructive options (the Egyptian army or the Red Sea)? How did God reveal himself in that time?

Prayer Focus: God’s deliverance from impossible situations

Family Devotional:  Read Exodus 14:15-18, 21-23, 26-31.  What did God promise to do for the Hebrew people?  Can anyone or anything stop God from keeping His promises to us?

(Wednesday) Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments
What reasons does God give for prohibiting idolatry (20:2-4)?

Murder and adultery (20:13-14) are not just external acts, they are matters of the heart (see Matthew 5:21-30). In light of that truth, what does it mean to obey these commands?

In what way is coveting (20:17) a wrong act not only against your neighbor but also God?

In today’s world, how should we observe the Sabbath principle (20:8-11)?

Prayer Focus: A Christ-saturated heart that will naturally lead to the obedience of these commands

Family Devotional:  Read Exodus 20:1-2.  Then explain the 10 commandments.  Can anyone (you, mom, dad, pastor, etc) always do everything right?  Why does God want us to obey these rules?

(Thursday) Exodus 32: The Dream Dies
How did Moses react when he saw the Israelites’ idolatrous worship (32:19-24)?

How was God’s judgment against idolatry carried out (32:27-28,35)?

Moses offered his life to atone for Israel’s sin (32:30-32). What did God promise instead (32:33-34)?

In what ways can you emulate Moses in your relation to God and care for sinning people?

Prayer Focus: Praise for God’s grace in response to your idolatry

Family Devotional:  Read Exodus 32:7-8, Exodus 32:19.  What does it mean that the Israelites were worshiping the golden calf they had made?  Do you like anything/anyone more than God?  Do you think that God feels the same way that Moses’ did when we love something more than Him?

(Friday) Leviticus 26: Legal Matters
How would the Lord bless Israel for obeying him (26:3-13)? How would he chastise them for disobeying (26:14-39)?

How do verses 18,21,23, and 27 show that God would keep giving Israel another chance to obey?

How do the punishments, as well as the rewards, demonstrate God’s incredible grace?

Romans 8:28-29 says God works through every event in our lives to conform us to the image of Christ. While this might not be the same punishment/reward that God promised Israel, how have you seen the events of your life as God’s means of shaping your heart?

Prayer Focus: Thanks for the way God communicates through the events in your life

Family Devotional:  Read Exodus 26:1-5, 14, 17.  How does God bless us if we obey Him?  How does God discipline us if we do not obey Him?  When we obey God, what are we showing Him?