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(Day 1) Genesis 28: Something Undeserved
What concerns might have been going through Jacob’s mind as he left home (28:1-10)?

How did God specifically address these concerns (28:11-15)?

What things do you learn about God from this revelation?

What things do you learn about Jacob from his response (28:16-22)? How can Jacob’s experience renew your confidence in God’s grace?

Prayer Focus: Thanks for God’s undeserved grace in your life.

Family Devotional: Read Genesis 28: 1-5, 10-22:  What was Jacob’s dream?  God promises to always be with Jacob.  Does God promise to always be with you too?  How do you feel God with you?

(Day 2) Genesis 37: Family Battles
Describe the family relationships at the beginning of the story (37:1-4).

God has revealed himself through dreams before (e.g. to Jacob), but not everyone responds correctly to them. How does Joseph’s family respond to God’s revelation (37:5-11)?

What are the different reactions of Joseph’s brothers when they see him approaching (37:12-22)?

Jacob’s favoritism, Joseph’s arrogance, and the brothers’ envy are all factors contributing to conflict and hatred. Do you see any of these things evident in your own family? How does God want you to respond?

Prayer Focus: Humble acceptance of the things God brings to your life

Family Devotional: Read Genesis 37:2-11.  Why did the brothers hate Joseph?  What things are you jealous of in others?

(Day 3) Genesis 41: Behind the Scenes
How does Joseph’s sudden opportunity come about (41:8-14)?

How do Joseph’s interpretation and proposal demonstrate discernment and wisdom (41:15-36)?

Describe Joseph’s new position and the new responsibilities Pharaoh gives him (41:37-49)

How have you seen God use a difficult assignment to prepare you for a later responsibility?

Prayer Focus: Ask God to give you wisdom and discernment for his glory.

Family Devotional: Read Genesis 41:1-43.  Do all dreams have special meanings?  How did Joseph know what the dreams meant?  How can God use you to give good wisdom to your friends or brothers and sisters?

(Day 4) Genesis 45: A Long Forgiveness
What evidence do you see of Joseph’s genuine love and forgiveness (45:1-5)?

What evidence is there of Joseph’s unwavering trust in God’s wisdom and sovereignty (45:6-11)?

How does Pharaoh’s reaction speak to Joseph’s diligent service (45:16-24)?

Think of a difficult situation you are currently facing. How can you trust God more for his sovereign control and ultimate purpose in it?

Prayer Focus: Trust in God’s strength and wisdom in every situation

Family Devotional: Read Genesis 45:1-16.  How can you tell that Joseph has forgiven his brothers?  Do you easily forgive your brother or sister or friends when they do something hurtful towards you?  Why should we always forgive?

(Day 5) Exodus 3: Time for Action
What motivates God to act on behalf of his people (3:7-10)?

How does Moses respond to God’s assignment and why (3:11-13)?

What reassurance does God give Moses (3:12-22)?

When have you felt inadequate to do something God wanted you to do? What would change that?

Prayer Focus: Confession of fears and anxieties

Family Devotional:  Read Exodus 3:1-17.  How did God appear to Moses?  What is holy ground?  Where is holy ground today?