Bringing Back the Prayer Meeting

by Dec 12, 2008

Jeremy Pryor believes churches need to “Bring Back the Prayer Meeting.” I couldn’t agree more. We have a monthly night set aside for prayer, and I’d like to make it even more often. If you’re a Harborite, our next Second Saturday prayer & worship night is January 10th. Here’s Jeremy’s thinking:

In the conversation about what needs to be restored to the church I can’t stop thinking about our need to bring back the prayer meeting. If you list what gatherings Christians typically attend today in order of consistency and frequency it might go something like –

1. weekly worship service
2. small group
3. ministry team or committee meeting
4. second teaching meeting sunday night sermon etc.
5. prayer meeting

When I read the New Testament regarding the frequency of gatherings it seems to go something like this –

1. the prayer meeting
2. discipleship training
3. body gathering
4. the lord’s supper love feast
5. city worship