What idols do you worship?

by Nov 18, 2008

In Sunday’s sermon from Genesis 31, I spoke briefly about Laban and Rachel’s dependence on idols to bring them security and comfort in life. Rachel had seen firsthand the way God protected and blessed her, but she still didn’t trust him enough to protect them on the long trip across the desert to Canaan. So she stole her father’s idols for the journey.

I made the connection between the little chunks of metal they depended on, and the little chunks of metal we rely on for survival: the cell phones, laptops, and TV’s that keep us connected, informed, and entertained.

But idolatry goes much further than physical objects. Justin Childers offers this simple test to determine what you worship more than God:

Here is one question to help you identify idols in your heart today:

Fill in the blank: “If only _________, then I would be happy, fulfilled, and secure.”

(via Transforming Sermons)