WALL-E: a subtle sermon on lazy Americans?

by Jul 2, 2008

I’m really looking forward to seeing WALL-E with my kids this weekend. It’s made by the same director who did Finding Nemo, a movie laced with themes of redemption and providence. Now this commentary on his new film makes me want to see it even more:

The earth is deserted because a Wal-Mart-like company called “Buy n’ Large” has filled it up with trash, and the departed humans, expanded to Big Gulp size, are contentedly gorging themselves amid the comforts of a flying Club Med, where they slide around on those carts, on which they watch TV continuously without even having to sit up completely. While some of the better reviewers mention the beglotted humanoid forms, I found it odd that most mainstream reviewers didn’t bother to point out what the film was saying.

I’m no film theorist, but I think what director Andrew Stanton is trying to tell us is that we humans eat so much and limit our movements to such a degree that we will soon become immobile whales unable to focus past the video screens permanently affixed in front of our field of vision.