Reverend Dirty Harry

by Oct 25, 2007

There are some pastors who go into vocational ministry because it usually doesn’t involve physical labor or bodily danger. According to this story, Indiana pastor Don Billey is not one of those pastors. I like him already:

Billey, fed up with three recent break-ins at Main Street Church of God, donned dark clothing and staked out the church with a video camera Sunday night, the pastor and police said. They said he caught a woman breaking into the church fellowship building.

Police said they arrested Amber Updegraff, 26, of Anderson, after Billey confronted her when she allegedly broke one of the building’s windows.

“I just made up in my own mind that I’m just going to stay out there and watch — I’m going to take my video camera see if I can catch anybody,” Billey said Tuesday.

He said he heard glass break outside the fellowship building at about 10:30 p.m. He approached the building, shined his flashlight into the broken window and said, “Stop, police department.”

Though Billey is not a police officer, he has ties with the Anderson Police Department, police spokesman Joel Sandefur said.

“He does carry a badge that identifies him as a police chaplain and has been with the officers enough to know some of our tactics and procedures,” Sandefur said.

That’s it… I’m ready for some action. Our church (like most churches on Oahu) doesn’t own any property, but I can stake out our church truck’s parking spot and catch the tagger who keeps defiling its big white sides. I’m charging the videocamera and loading the Mag-light as we speak. D-guage batteries. Now to track down one of those badges…