God's Sense of Humor

by Oct 8, 2007

851577_groucho_glasses_1.jpgOur church changed locations for one major reason: so our childrens ministry would have space. Due to schoolwide renovations, they had to meet out on the lawn all summer. When we couldn’t be guaranteed a classroom for at least another six months, there was no other option. We had to find a new place for our church.

So our first Sunday at Kaiser High School came yesterday with great anticipation, and where were the kids meeting? Out on the lawn. Somehow the classrooms never got unlocked by the school. Ba-dum-bum. Good one, Lord.

And just to make sure we didn’t miss the punchline, the bathrooms were locked too. Along with the loading area, which forced us to lug our truck-full of equipment 200 yards uphill. Both ways. Through the snow.

While I was trudging up the endless ascent, loaded down like a Sherpa, I think I actually heard God giggling.

It was yet another reminder that our plans are always subject to God’s revision. We were so sure we had solved all our problems, but like James recommends in chapter 4, we should have been saying, “If the Lord wills, our kids won’t be huddled and shivering out in the rain. If the Lord wills, we won’t have to risk bladder damage just to go to church. If the Lord wills, nobody will get a hernia carrying 70-pound speakers up Mount Everest.”

Next Sunday God might actually allow our plans to happen. Or he might cause Koko Crater to fall over and wipe the entire school off the map. But I’m praying for option A.